“Making Candles” is Interesting

I've never really had the desire to make candles. In all honesty, I'd rather just buy them. However, I've had these glass ramekins from some desserts my father-in-law brought over (which he had purchased at some grocery store). These glass ramekins have been taking up space in my counter for nearly a month! I didn't… Continue reading “Making Candles” is Interesting


“Floral Canvases” are Interesting

Now, I know I've already showcased some of my floral canvases in a previous post. But: I have since made more that I like so much better than those first few!! I really just wanted to share them with ya'll. I've decided that floral canvases are interesting, mostly because making them gives me hours of… Continue reading “Floral Canvases” are Interesting


“Repurposing” Is Interesting

If you are someone like me, you constantly create things. From paintings and drawings to blankets, my "creations" generally wind up in storage somewhere. Often those that end up in storage are things I didn't necessarily like when I was done. But what do we do with all these dejected projects? As much as I… Continue reading “Repurposing” Is Interesting